Contraceptive (Birth Control) for Women

Find out if your child/loved one qualifies for CALLIOP3, a clinical research study exploring a potential new birth control medication.

13 - 45 years of age
Compensation Provided
About the Study
CALLIOP3 is exploring whether a study medication called LPRI-CF113 is an effective birth control for women ages 13-45. The study medication is a daily hormonal birth control pill. It has been tested in adult women and has shown no evidence of harmful side effects. The study medication is currently considered investigational. This is because it has not been reviewed and approved by regulatory agencies such as the FDA. The study medication is designed to prevent pregnancy by blocking the release of a woman’s egg. This may help reduce or stop monthly bleeds. The study medication may also avoid side effects such as weight gain and bloating. All study participants will receive 12 months of the study medication at no cost.
What does the study involve?
Total study will last a little over a year. If your child/loved one joins the study, they will visit the study clinic at least twice for health assessments. Your child/loved one will take 13 cycles (about 12 months) of the study medication by mouth daily. They will also take monthly home pregnancy tests and receive routine phone calls from study staff to discuss the study medication and study diary. Your child/loved one will visit the study clinic twice for more assessments like those from Screening. If eligible, they may also have a bone scan at each visit. After finishing all 13 cycles of the study medication, your child/loved one will receive a phone call from study staff.
Who can participate?
Your child/loved one may be able to join the CALLIOP3 study if they are sexually active and have been regularly menstruating for at least 3 months.
Where is the study taking place?
The study is being conducted at our Hollywood, Weston, and Boynton offices.
Is compensation provided?

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